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I am pleased to announce that a new A.L. Glennon novel is forthcoming from IngramElliott Publishing! Hungry is a YA/NA story about love, found family, and coping with loss. More details to come coon!

Wait for it FRONT_SMALL.jpg

Wait for It is now available from Ink Smith Publishing!

When a freak bathroom accident cuts his Earthly life short, academic bowl team captain Martin Van Assen is surprised to find himself languishing in the waiting room of the Soul Reassignment Office with only the overly dramatic Zelda Kozikowski and her maybe-ex-boyfriend, the oft-reincarnated Zeke Zabar, for company. The unlikely trio gets tired of sitting around with nothing to do but bicker while they wait to start new lives, and sneaks through a portal that takes them back to Earth in ghostly form. The search for meaning in their previous lives takes these three lost souls on the journey of an afterlifetime, all the way to the infernally warm intake office of Hell itself. Martin, Zelda, and Zeke might figure a few things out along the way, but none of it will matter much if they have to spend eternity in a pit of fire. Or worse.


Click here to order your copy now!

Wait for It at the NC Book Festival

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